Super Hair Growth: How to Make Cayenne Pepper Mix

Read Me: In this video I will be showing you how to make cayenne pepper/oil mix. To make this mix, you will need: 4 oz *Your favorite kind* Oil for hair (you…
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  1. Goodnewsgal says:

    Does it make your hair smell? It seems like it would; especially with the onion powder.

  2. stillsz6 says:

    I don’t think you should be ashamed for asking. Now w/that being said, please do not use this mixture on your face; not only will it sting & burn but because the skin on your face is the most sensitive part of your body, it would probably flare up & turn red..you may even suffer an allergic reaction. Instead try taking hair growth vitamins & supplements. Also see your physician & ask about testosterone; but do your research first. I would suggest alternate methods before trying testosterone.

  3. lambdachi1826 says:

    Hi stillsz6! So this is kind of silly / embarrassing for me to be asking, but what the heck? It can’t hurt to ask! Here’s the deal, I am a 24 year old Caucasian male who is really unhappy with my facial hair growth. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to grow sideburns, or good hair on my cheeks. My mustache and chin hair grow just fine so I can grow a goatee, but I want an all over stubble look. Do you have any hypothesis if this could work for my facial hair? Thanks a lot for your help!! :)

  4. PocketfullxOfDreams says:

    ima try this to my natural hair

  5. stillsz6 says:

    10-14 days minimum Sis….if you can, 30 days would be ideal. Best of luck!

  6. Stacey Allen says:

    After mixing the ingredients how long do you need to let this sit before using?

  7. Keisha Michelle says:

    can you strain it after the 2weeks-30days?

  8. stillsz6 says:

    Yes! Absolutely it would work on thinning hair. You could also look into ACV for thinning hair and hair vitamins. Also please check out my video on “Hair Shedding” that may help you as well. Best of luck to you Sis. Thanks for watching. You look fabulous Hunnie! Werk!
    PS: Yes….5 ninos….love them all :-D

  9. blan brad says:

    Thank you, my beautiful young sistah. I ‘m 61 yrs old. (pic is me) Do you think it would work on older thinning hair and…did you say 5 kids?????

  10. stillsz6 says:

    Anytime. Thanxxxxxxxx for watching! :-D

  11. Friday Weekend says:

    ThanXx for sharing :) <3

  12. stillsz6 says:

    Yes, I did use the sulfur mix while I had the weave in but I got the most growth when I had my weave in and used the cayenne pepper. I had my weave in for 5 and 1/2 weeks when I got that type of growth from cayenne pepper. Best of luck to ya!

  13. stillsz6 says:

    Alright! Alright! You’re good to go! Best of luck to you Mami. :-)

  14. GarnetsCloset says:

    Thanks so much for the video but i was just wondering in one of your other videos you mentioned that you applied the sulfur mix while you had a weave in. I would love to try the cayenne mix but i currently have a full head of weave in and i was just wondering how long did you keep your weave in and how often did you apply the mix and what would you recommend ( overall can you help me) in cuz i’ve had mine in for 3 months now and i tend to keep it in for about 5-6 month (yah i know im crah xD).

  15. Friday Weekend says:

    I just made 16 oz! Big bottle and I also add pepermint oil at it. Lovely fresh smell….and pepermint is also good for hair growth. And I think for the summer…keeping my head COOL! :)

  16. stillsz6 says:

    You’re absolutely correct and I apologize. It is teaspoons…one tsp to one oz of oil.

  17. stillsz6 says:

    I don’t believe it makes a difference…and I’m sure you will get the results you are looking for, either way. Thanks for watching. :-)

  18. Keisha Michelle says:

    thank you so much for making this vid. i was going to buy sulfur mix theirs is 26$ i i decided to just mimic it and make my own. can you heat the oil and then add the cayenne pepper or do you have to mix all of your desired oils together and then add the pepper?

  19. Tbabe4me says:

    U said teaspoon but in the drop box its written tablespoon. Which is it?

  20. Crap3655 says:

    no it doesn’t

  21. SadiyahhXoxo says:

    Does this mixture make your hair stink?

  22. stillsz6 says:

    Not in my opinion….not like garlic would. I forgot to mention that in the past, I would use peppermint oil to drown out the smell.

  23. Gabrielle Otshudy says:

    hi, does the onion powder smell strong and lingers?

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