A Basic Review of The Roller Canary

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Getting a good start when deciding to enter this great hobby of roller canaries is to take the advice of the experts who say,  

1.To start with birds of one strain
2.To have none but thoroughly healthy birds.
3.To select the breeding stock and have it in the breeding room,

soon after the finnish of the moult in the autumn as it is possible.
The reason for this is,when obtaining stock from a breeder who has a successful strain of birds

he has made it by continued and persistant selection over many years,
so that by buying stock from such a man ,you are buying the results of his skill and experience.
Mating birds of different strains is sometimes a bit of a hit and miss affair,

which in some cases can lead to unhealthy,weak and delicate young birds.
When you are breeding young healthy stock where the cock birds are as good

or even better singers than there fathers ,then you know your on the right path to becoming a winner on the contest bench,

which is only one of the many pleasures of this great hobby of Roller Canary keeping.
If this sounds like something that would interest you or someone you know,

please feel free to contact me, with any questions concerning Roller Canaries,

and i or one of my fellow fanciers will be more than glad to help you.

Ken Roberts.



NEWS N.R.C.S @ B.R.C.A SHOW DATES,I have just posted 2013-2014 show dates on the CLUB NEWS page for anyone interested.
Birds For Sale
I usually have stock for sale most years,and release birds around January, if at anytime you require birds and i cannot fill your requirements,i will do my best to put you in contact with someone who can.
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New Anti-Mite Control
I attended a local bird society meeting last week,and one of the members mentioned that someone had formulated an anti-mite spray adapted from the same contents as that which is used on dogs and cats.More on this when i find out if this is true.   
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Roller Canary Song Tutorial

This is a recording of a record produced by the B.R.C.C.1901.Club